Come celebrate 5 years with The Clue Room: Colorado's First and Largest Escape Game Venue!


The Clue Room Celebrates 5 Years as Colorado’s Oldest Escape Game Venue
The Clue Room: Colorado's First and Largest Escape Game Venue turns 5 this year! Learn more!
Houzz, an interior design and e-retail company, is hosting a campaign that allows the public to vote for the new room to be added to the newest version of the CLUE board game. Which room will you vote for? Click this link to vote! We might have to add a room to our Clue Dunnit game - inspired by the board game - depending on which will get selected (hopefully not the bathroom). Stay tuned for updates!
If you haven’t played our ‘1893’ game yet, here’s everything you need to know. First, it was inspired by the book Devil in the White City which takes place during the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair (hence the name ‘1893’). The book covers not only the marvels of the World’s Fair but the exploits of America’s first...
Our Nautilus and Shadow Gallery games have moved to our 7286 South Yosemite St. location into larger rooms. Come visit these to one-of-a-kind escape game adventures starting Saturday, February 2, 2019.
The Clue Room recently visited one of newest immersive art experiences in Denver: Natura Obscura.  It is an incredible sensory overload of colors, smells and sound.  It’s truly an awesome way to spend a few hours enjoying an innovative and exciting artistic, virtual reality experience! Thank you, Museum of Outdoor Arts and Natura Obscura, for...
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