Can You Escape the Clue Room?

Colorado’s First & Largest
Live Escape Game Venue

Looking for something exciting to do with friends, family, or colleagues? Then come out to Clue Room and check out this global entertainment experience that is sweeping the nation!

You and your team are “trapped” in a unfamiliar room. With only 60 minutes to escape, you will need to work together to solve various puzzles, mysteries, & clues to complete your mission. It’s all about having fun, thinking creatively, & teamwork!


2016 / 2017


Do you have what it takes to challenge The Clue Room?

Clue Room live escape games are designed for groups of 2-10 players.

Any team with a bit of creativity, good ideas, & logical thinking can escape The Clue Room. We guarantee this experience will be unlike any other you’ve ever had.

Learn more about the 12 originally designed games we have between our 2 Centennial locations.

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The Clue Room recently visited one of newest immersive art experiences in Denver: Natura Obscura.  It is an incredible sensory overload of colors, smells and sound.  It’s truly an awesome way to spend a few hours enjoying an innovative and exciting artistic, virtual reality experience! Thank you, Museum of Outdoor Arts and Natura Obscura, for...
As some of you may have heard, a tragedy recently occurred at an escape game company in Poland. This occurred as a result of the young victims being physically locked in their escape game when a fire broke out in the building which they were playing in . For those people who are concerned about...
Happy New Year! Read the first issue of 2019. Learn more about our new game (Coming soon), changes to game availability, and more! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get more daily updates.
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